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how priceline works?

i am trying to book a ticket back to china. when i search at is like $900,but when i name the ticket at for $1 the ticket is like $150. how come they so cheap? is the 150 is my ticket price or what? why when i name it like $150 then the price go up to 300? how does it work? whats the airticket offer price mean? can anyone tell me more abt priceline?? thanks

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    What it does is, it takes how much money you are willing to pay and looks for a match as close as possible. The $150 fare though may have a couple of restrictions to it so make sure you read the ticket/fare rules. And if you are scared of priceline, just go to the airlines official website and book your flight there. That is the best way to do it. Once my cousin booked a hotel on and the hotel would not accept it because the rate was too low. And she ended up not having a hotel room.

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