Can anyone out there like make a grid or something or a line up of who is playing who in the playoffs and who have byes, etc. I'd like to know every team, both from the NFC anf AFC. Any help?

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    1. Chargers

    2. Ravens

    3. Colts

    4. Patriots

    5. Jets

    6. Chiefs

    Wild Card Matchups:

    6. Chiefs at 3. Colts (saturday)

    5. Jets at 4. Patriots (sunday)

    Wild Card Bye: Chargers and Ravens

    Chargers play the lowest seed

    Ravens play the highest seed


    1. Bears

    2. Saints

    3. Eagles

    4. Seahawkds

    5. Cowboys

    6. Giants

    WildCard matchups

    5. Cowboys vs 4. Seahawks (saturday)

    6. Giants vs 3. Eagles (sunday)

    Wild Card byes:

    1. Bears and 2. Saints

    Bears play the lowest seed

    Saints play the hightest seed

    Games will be on NBC, FOX and CBS

    Super Bowl 41 will be played in Miami and televised on CBS

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    Easy as pie just follow the link and here is what it says if you want to be lazy since it's New Years, lol.

    The 2006 playoff picture and wild-card matchups are all set.

    The 2006 playoff picture and wild-card matchups are all set.

    AFC wild-card matchups

    Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts, Saturday, 4:30 ET (NBC)

    N.Y. Jets at New England Patriots, Sunday, 1 ET (CBS)

    NFC wild-card matchups

    Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks, Saturday, 8 ET (NBC)

    New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles, Sunday, 4:30 ET (FOX)

    Byes: San Diego Chargers, Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints

    Divisional playoffs

    Saturday, January 13 and Sunday, January 14

    Conference championships

    Sunday, January 21

    Super Bowl XLI

    Sunday, Feb. 4 -- Dolphin Stadium (Miami, Fla.)

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    NFC: Dallas will play Seattle in Seattle. NY Giants will play Philadelphia in Philly. New Orleans and Chicago have the bye.

    AFC: KC Chiefs play Indy in Indianapolis. The Jets play New England in New England. Baltimore and San Diego have the bye.

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    See the link below:

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    Go to my website: and on the left side, scroll down and click on the NFL page. . i have posted the bracket

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    too much work,, try or wait for newspaper in the morning

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    tht will help you best

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    PACKERS!!! :P

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