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Do you agree with FallOut Boy and PInk ?

about this (watch the videos if you can )

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    I wonder if the first to posters even clicked and read on anything. It's quite sick people can make just about cruilty. Even if someone is a meat eater there is no need for animals in slaughter houses to suffer the way they do.

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    As I said before:

    PETA stands for People Enjoying Tasty Animals so why let that bother you. That's what animals are for and KFC it the greatest

    And for being such a do gooder, you sure look awfully mean and cruel.

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    i completely agree and am for the petition they are doing. i am a meat eater (unfortunately) and I understand more than anyone that we need meat but what they are doing isn't right. They need to adopt a better way to kill our live food without torture. Chickens have feelings to. I urge everyone to sign the petition attached to this link.

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    yeah , but then again KFC is finger lickin good

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