Where can i buy a Nintendo Wii?

Where can I buy a Nintendo Wii that is actully in stock??

I don't feel like goin to NY to get one!

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    It automaticaly detects your zip code and pulls up stores that contain wii's and tell if there in stock or not and when theyll get a next shipment.

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    You can get a Nintendo Wii at http://urlx.org/directtrack.com/aec4a and all you have to do is fill out the survey. I got my nephew a nintendo wii from that site and all i had to do was enter in my email address. If you really want one you should check out the site and get one from there. I wouldnt get it from ebay because they will be so much more.

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    there is no chance in my opinion to get a Wii soon in any retail store. As someone else mentioned somewhere all pre-orders will be fulfilled first. If any shop happens to get new stock imagine all the campers who'll sleep in front of the stores or the chaos and then within minutes all will be gone.

    Another option - a very secure and reliable one which least know of actually - is to purchase a Nintendo Wii thru any trusted 3rd party seller directly at Amazon. They have good feedback, deliver on time, mostly are merchants themselves simply and Amazon operates as the platform, in fact the purchase is processed directly via Amazon as you would usually buy from them.

    You might check it out at


    and then click on "See all buying options" at the right.

    This is actually currently the best choice to get your hands on a Wii at all - without any hassles.

    You might also try out ebay:


    or Ebay express where only selected and trusted merchants are accepted:


    Hope that helps.

    Best wishes


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    If you want it right away, you could spend a bit more for one on EBAY or somewhere on-line. But I'd say go somewhere like Best Buy, or and EB Games or Game Stop type store and place a hold on one as soon as you can. That way, when they get to you on the list, you'll be able to get one, rather than just waiting until there are enough to just pick on up. Good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Go to http://linkachi.com/?u3 , type in your Zip Code, and it'll tell you what stores in your area are getting the Wii and approx when


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    1 decade ago

    I got one for my son at http://needawii.tk

    they ship all over the world even though they are based in the UK, my son's arrived within about a week of my order being placed, so id reccomend them.

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