power on and off trouble when i click start then turn off computer it shut down but turn it self right back on

i had sound trouble so i think i changed somthing messing with that problom but i can figuer out what i did iam running windows xp home i hav changed somthings in the bios but still did it so i changed them back to the way thay were can any one tell me how to fix the problom if so step by step please so i dont screw it up

thank you


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    1 decade ago
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    you need to go back to the bios and turn of fwake on lan and remote wake up or what ever they are called in your bios. they are under the power savingsettings on my system.

    good uck.

  • 4 years ago

    It sounds heavily contaminated. Is gadget fix and vehicle Updates blocked? the sole factor that could do it somewhat is dissimilar infections or you have not have been given Administrative rights to alter those and a working laptop or workstation geek has set up the workstation. i like to flow to the Run... command on start up button and use sfc /scannow yet your gadget is prob. too far long previous. you may purely reinstall XP over good of present OS yet a "sparkling deploy" is appropriate until you have scads of courses you do not opt to reinstall. edit: playstation I even have had computers take a seat there for 10 minutes through fact they're installation updates in the previous the shutdown. in case you keep interupting that it will shop attempting.

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