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Do you have a positive or negative vibe about the upcoming new year?

Sorry to be a party pooper, but I have a bad feeling. I beleive something very serious is going to happen, and it will affect every person on the Earth. I hope someone else has a better vibe.

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    My vibes change sometimes. But, I believe, that if we keep becoming more of a Godless nation, that yes, it will be a worse year, than the one before, for as long as that happens. People mock that idea, and think its goofy, but I am absolutely serious about it. Perhaps, just watch and see what happens.

    That said, I also have hope for the new year, new beginnings, etc. I feel better than ever, for example, about living life to the fullest, as time is short, and you never know how long you will have certain family members, etc. Taking more time, for the precious things in life, even if simple, that make you smile. Happy New Year to everyone.

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    I have no vibe, but then my mom in law just died three days ago. I'm vibed out, and all I know is that this next year brings changes - just like every year does.

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    The reality of either will depend entirely on whether one is an optimist or a pessimist.

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    I feel you Micheele. I think it's going to be nuts.

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