GUYS, I need your advice!!?

Why are guys such mind F****? Does it go back to pulling hair in elementary school? If you like a girl why can't you just be cool?? I have a guy who I have known for 4 yrs. we have been friends then we were more. He moved out of state and we have kept in touch. I went to see him once things were cool yet not perfect.. He has been gone for 6 mts. and he still calls me. At times he is cold and at other times he leaves me voice mails telling me how much he misses me. He has called at 3:00 am many times and even plays me songs on my voice mail. He stays just far enough away that we avoid any intamcy. He is hot and than cold. I am in love with him but I can't tell him because he is never consistant with his emotions. What is going on? I am 29 yrs old and he is 34 I am too old for this. What do you think? Please tell me.


Why wont somebody help me out and answer my question??

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    1 decade ago
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    You should have a frank discussion with him and tell him exactly how you feel. Put your cards on the table. Own up to any mistakes you have made in the past and ask him whether he is sincere in moving forward. If he is, lay out a plan of action. Talk on the phone, internet whatever. Get together in person and spend time together. You're both old enough to travel to spend time together.

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