Why Are Guys More Homophobic Than Girls?

I'm pretty sure I kinda know why but it doesnt hurt to ask. I'm a straight girl and I've always had no problem with gays. the girls in my school don't really seem to either. But all the gay guys have girl friends, never any guy friends. If you ask me, I don't think most girls are all that evovled on the gay issue. There are many that I'm sure wouldnt be as cool with lesbians, and they say "that's so gay" and "f@g" as much the boys. What do you gus tink?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i think that boys are more threatened because they've always been told in society to be more masculine, to have more power, if another man is there to take that away then they aren't going to like it. females on the other hand, in society, are more open minded, but i don't necessarily think that them being more offended by lesbians is true. forgive me for being blunt, but there isn't that extra feature for a female to take over another female with that guys have.

  • 1 decade ago

    Guys are more homophobic becuase 1, (and this goes for the girls as well) hate is a learned behavior. They learn it from their parents, teachers, peers, and society in general.

    2. it is a common issue that only the less masculine gay men are harrassed. the macho str8 acting gay men are less likely to be harrassed because they fit more into the str8 man stereotype. its all about us fem gays being a threat to their masculinity.

    Girls just like us cause they have someone to go shopping with and check out guys with and so on...lol

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    4 years ago

    with the aid of fact they are used to porn showing lesbians being in simple terms 2 women that are two times as lots in choose for a guy, or they have the incorrect theory that 2 lady collectively are in simple terms very close lady friends. with the aid of fact of this they seem at a pair of lesbians, and notice 2 unmarried women in dire choose for a d*ck. unhappy yet actual. To my theory, that maintains to be homophobia.

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