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Frizzy hair in Humid weather.?

I've tried lots of different conditioners because someone told me my hair was pretty dry to begin with but my hair became very oily and not-nice to touch after using the conditioners! D:

So I need a solution to this hair disaster: Keeping frizzy hair in control and preventing it from frizzing in humid/rainy weather without using products that make my hair oily.

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    Try using a light mouse. Just a little bit will keep your hair from frizzing too much but won't make it sticky either.

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    My hair is so straight that you could use it for a tape measure. Oh, there was a girl with your problem on a reality show. There is a way to get it right for a few months but it may be costly. Maybe if you go to goggle search and put in fuzzy hair you may find answers. Call beauty colleges and professional stylists to find answers. Just get your yellow pages out and call every place that looks truly professional. You should be able to get help. I guess I am happy with my straight hair.

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    well it sounds to me like u used some conditioners that were too heavy for your hair because i recomend that u use VO5 after your hair has been styled rub some in your hands and the lightly rub your hands down your hair this will work cause my sisters both have natural curly thick hair and this is what i told them to do and they told me they were glad i was a hairdresser and i also told my clients too

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    Try a product called Texture Dirt from FX Special Effects. Its great, and won't make your hair oliy. You can get it at any Walgreens.

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    wat u should do it use about the same amount of shampoo and conditioner.

    so it evens out.

    this would maybe get ur hair back to normal.

    this works for me...

    my hair is in perfect condition, it is smooth and soft, so you should do that

    but good luck and happy new year!! :D

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