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how do i tell if my horse is pregnant?

can any one tell me the signs of a horse that is pregnant. My dad wont pay for a vet to come out. This is my first horse and i do not no all about horses. I know the basics though. My horse is not wild. But she stayed with my uncle well we were building a barn and there was a stallion across the fence. They both were in heat when my uncle and i went to check on them. The stallion almost mounted my horse but my uncle stoped it. Then the next day when i went over there she was not in heat any more and stayed away from the fence. She is over with us now. She seems a bit bigger. But i have not ridden her much because my dad wants to be out there when i do and he does not have time. It was about four mounths ago when this happend. So is there any signs that might tell me for sure if she is pregnant. Also when would her milk bags start filling up because latley they have been getting bigger.

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    Well....getting a vet to come out, to confirm if you're mare is pregnant or not. But....a few ways I would think of, has her attitude changed? Has her "ever day, daily" things, changed? Does she look fatter? Also, check her milk sac. It'll get bigger. And start producing waxy milk.

    Hope she's pregnant!

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    Before 6 months I don't think you will "SEE" any signs. I bought a mare from an auction few years ago and she had twins that she aborted. Now, no one told me and there were no visible sign till I saw the fetuses on the ground, The vet guess it was 2.5 months early.

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    External signs of pregnancy

    * Although abdominal enlargement is characteristic of pregnancy, it is unreliable as a diagnostic sign.

    * Ballotment or observed movements of the fetus can often be seen late in gestation.

    * Mammary changes are quite variable.

    * Pelvic changes (relaxation of the pelvic ligaments) occur late in gestation but are often difficult to detect.

    * Cessation of estrus behavior is variable and unreliable.

    o Some mares will continue to show estrus even when pregnant

    Source(s): All about Equine Pregnancy:
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    If her teets are showing and you can feel a foal kicking inside her is a sign. But definitely call out a vet if you see MAJOR signs. And your dad needs to call.

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    The best way to tell is to watch her sides, or you can put your hands on her side and you should be able to feel the foal move if she is preguanet.

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    shell have a lump in her belly or call the doc!! also, ask all the other little horsies and ask them if they messed around with her!! lol, just playing, happy 2007!!

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    If her tummy is ENORMOUS!!!!!!!!!

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