My fiance is overseas...?

I live in canada and he is for the US military. It gets harder every day for me to keep going on without him here with me. he's gonna be gone for a year still and it hurts so bad. what can i do to keep up MY spirits? i've tried learning how to knit and that was alright, i also got accepted into an art school,but i turned it down cuz i can't do it w/o him. what on earth am i supposed to do? i cant get the support of other military wives and i know that would help. gah i need some encouragement

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    Well guess what you've found your support I am the wife of a Ssgt. in the USMC my husband is currently overseas in Iraq now. This is his 3rd tour in Iraq back to back so I know what your going through. Listen it's going to be tough but you have to hang in there. Always remember that he loves you and course you know he misses you just as much as you miss him.

    We have a private group at Ebay called Military Wives League " The Yellow Rose" if your interested in joining please by all means come on we are there for you and will be there with you in good times and bad.

    I am not sure what other things you've got involved in but I'd like to see if we could get you in with the KV's for your fiances Unit . Have you tried that?

    By the way some of us ladies when we get really down and out we sell on Ebay and that really keeps us busy plus it's extra money from things we have around our homes we aren't using...

    Your not alone as there are many of us without our man tonight on one the the nights we all wish they were home. Again we have to remain strong and lean on each other for strength and encouragement.

    Come on and join the group ok? Hope to see you there!!

    Happy New Year 2007 ((HUGS))

    Source(s): Proud Marine Wife of 11 yrs "We are often left behind but never forgotten"
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    iVillage has a great message board for dating military and military families.


    It's kinda hard to find, but the women there are really nice and understand what you are going through. Might want to check it out. They were great when I was doing the long distance with my fiance' (Army).

    My cousin's husband just got home from his second time in Iraq. In a year he is heading back over for his 3 time. She usually redoes a room in the house or something. This time she has a new baby daughter instead to keep her busy. Good luck with it.

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    You were on the right track there for a while. Get into new activities to take your mind off your problems. Join a sports club, take a class, volunteer, anything that will get you out and among people.

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    He shouldn't freak out like that. He needs to comprehend that existence back domicile nonetheless is going on. even nonetheless, i'm optimistic maximum of this is barely rigidity. with the aid of fact it sounds like he in simple terms left it ought to take some adjustment time. attempt and be be attentive to-how and redirect the communication ... i'm optimistic you the two intend to make the distinctive the time you do ought to speak. as quickly as I first deployed i will bear in concepts being pissed off whilst i could attempt and make contact with friends or kin and no person replaced into domicile. usually this is complicated to get to a telephone. once you do, this is a protracted wait in line after which you in basic terms get a constrained time to speak. So once you ultimately get that threat, and the anticipation has been development, this is a huge emotional enable down once you get the device. He should not be mean or abusive yet do attempt to attend and notice with him. as quickly as the deployment gets into greater of a recurring it incredibly is going to possibly be greater effectual. as quickly as I first have been given over there i could call each and every possibility I have been given inspite of the time. After some weeks of adjustment i replaced into unquestionably doing my maximum suitable to be considerate of the time back domicile and not calling at loopy hours. yet another suggestion could be to apply e mail. Its no longer as own yet you do no longer ought to time it in simple terms actual. Semper Fi

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    you really need to do something positive to get your mind moving. Start a new interest and a possibly a new job to keep you busy both mentally and physically. Remember you will be doing it for the both of you.

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    Knitting is hardly a substitute for your hubbie, I wish you the best, Iraq is a ball of crap, good luck, I know how you feel, one of my best friends in is afghanistan....................Ray

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