plz list some cards for feind decks?

besides darkruler ha des and dark necrofear

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    Good fiends:

    -Giant Orc and Goblin Elite Attack Force: Big ATK powers for 4 star monsters. Their drawback won't matter if you play them the right way.

    -Newdoria: Solid creature destruction and a decent ATK.

    -Giant Germ: Great tribute fodder, food for Dark Necrofear, and it deals your opponent damage.

    -Slate Warrior and Dark Jeroid: great effects, even if they get destroyed.

    -the Dark World monsters: They belong in a deck of their own but can be played in a general Fiend deck.

    -the Archfiend monsters: Most of them suck but Skull Archfiend of Lightning, Archfiend Soldier, Summoned Skull, and Axe of Despair('s really an Archfiend...I dunno why) are good.

    -Raviel, Lord of Phantasms: He's the best out of the Sacred beasts because he has the best chance of being summoned.

    -Demise, King of Armageddon: Either your opponent kills this guy or you win.

    -Return From The Different Dimension: Its the best finisher Fiends have right now.

    Go to to look up any of the cards mentioned above.

    Source(s): 5 years of Yu-Gi-Oh experience.
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    1 decade ago

    skull archfiend of lightning is incredible, half of the time he will stop and destroy anything that your opponent targets at him 6 stars and 2500atk

    snipe hunter is 4 stars with 1500 atk, you can discard a card to kill one card on the field by not hitting 1 or 6 on its die roll.

    slate warrior hurts, 1900, 4stars and gets 500 atk by flipping can also get him back from the dead by night assailant.

    night assailant's flip effect is to destroy one enemy monster, while if its discarded from your hand, not by a cost (cost effect examples: lightning vortex: dicard a card in your hand. desroy...)

    to get a flip effect monster from your graveyard.

    newdoria is no tributes required, searchable by sangan and mystic tomato, and he desroys one monster when the opponent's monster destroys him.

    goblin elite attack force 4 stars 2200 atk 1500 def, same effect as

    goblin attack force, and the elite is actually a fiend type.

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    1 decade ago

    -giant orc is a good card to play ... high atk and dark same with goblin elite attack force ... same atk only that it is earth anf has def

    -depending on your theme i personally like spear cretin or vanity's fiend

    -dark jeroid or newdoria have good effects if you intend to fill the grave with fiend monsters to feed dark necro

    -for fun there is helpoemer or lava golem

    -wall of illusion is also good for protection and it comes in starter decks

    --check pgd and lon for fiend cards

  • 4 years ago

    well u run 2 prisma, 3 king of swamp :D there the hard decks to get

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yu-gi-oh right? okay 3 summoned skull!!and 3 axe of despairs mhm ;) have fun winning duels you geek.

  • 1 decade ago

    Please clarify what you're saying. I know lots of card games but not sure as to what you're looking for.

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