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how to i change my favorite pastime?

I need to change favorite pastime to keep someone from getting in my e-mail

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    Pastime or password? Your question doesn't make sense to me as stated.

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    You would go to your profile in your e-mail and change the answer to your favorite pastime if that's what you mean. If that's what you do mean then locate the account profile or just profile on your e-mail screen. It should be there somewhere. If not that then preferences or options maybe. What e-mail are you using? Is it Yahoo?

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    Sounds like a security dilemma...if you forget your secret password to get into an account (such as MyYahoo), they will allow you to get a temporary new one in lieu of reassigning a permanent one (the old one will do nicely). In this process, you will be given an opportunity to re-establish security questions and answers.

    If someone is accessing your account without your permission AND you know who it is, you could report them to Yahoo, too.


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