Sony VAIO w/ a broken PSU. Newer comp. PSU cannot simply be replaced cause it is tied into a liquid cool. sys!

Any advice would be helpful. The system is about 18 months old but its specs still exceed the computers being sold in retail stores currently. It is a P4 3.6 Ghz and I paid $2100 for it. Sony wants $280 just to look at it in their sevice center. I cannot simply replace the PSU because it is special and proprietary to the built-in liquid system. Is it worth my money to repair the computer (for around $450)? Can I strip out the parts and rebuild the system in a new case? I got in over my head when I purchased such an unusual system. Any advice or insight would be great.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You could certainly repair it yourself. You'll have to take out the liquid cooling system (or at least get rid of the power supply loop, unless the exhaust end of the cooling loop is built into your P/S, in which case you'll need to tear it all out).

    A new power supply will run you around $100, and then you'll spend probably another $50-100 on a new HS/fan for your CPU and a couple case fans.

    You could also try searching for a store that sells the Sony liquid cooled PS part, and replace it yourself.

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    Ohh this is a tuffi well first of all why is it water cooled "and how?" second of all well there really isnt a second just remove the entire water cooling system and the PSU ummm well buy a new PSU "best off" peace

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