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how do i tell if my horse is pregnant?

can any one tell me the signs of a horse that is pregnant. My dad wont pay for a vet to come out. This is my first horse and i do not no all about horses. I know the basics though. My horse is not wild. But she stayed with my uncle well we were building a barn and there was a stallion across the fence. They both were in heat when my uncle and i went to check on them. The stallion almost mounted my horse but my uncle stoped it. Then the next day when i went over there she was not in heat any more and stayed away from the fence. She is over with us now. She seems a bit bigger. But i have not ridden her much because my dad wants to be out there when i do and he does not have time. It was about four mounths ago when this happend. So is there any signs that might tell me for sure if she is pregnant. Also when would her milk bags start filling up because latley they have been getting bigger.

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    If she is just four months along, you probably won't be able to tell just by looking at her. The fact that she was no longer "horsing" when she was at your uncle's may just mean that she went out of her heat cycle. You can usually tell a mare is pregnant or not by about the eighth month. Her belly will hang down and her backbone sags a little bit. She will not start making a bag until a few weeks before she is due to foal. It gets quite a bit larger and some people will tell you they will get waxy but that is not always true. One of our mares never waxes and I can always tell when she is getting close to foaling because she just stands there acting miserable, not eating, not paying attention to the rest of mare herd, etc. If she is pregnant, be careful around her after she foals. Our mares love me, but they don't want me around their new baby until they are a couple of weeks old. Good luck with her, colts are wonderful!

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  • Well with out a vet's examination you can't be sure. And now that winter is here she should have stopped cycling. If you remember the day of the month she cycled you will know when she will cycle again. It's about 28-30 days apart. So in the spring about March if she doesn't come into heat again she should be pregnant, but if she does the usually "mare in heat things" you know she isn't. One sign that a mare is pregnant is a mare that is usually witchy to other horses won't be as bad. Most mares won't really come into milk until about a month (or less) before she is due to foal, then it will be really obvious. I hope I've helped.

  • Only your vet can tell for sure how far along a mare is when it is pregnant. This is a valuable bit of information and can be very valuable because it can give you an idea of when to expect your mare will foal. Your vet can palpate (feel) or for a little more money your vet can tell how far along your pregnant mare is, and how large and healthy the foal is, through ultrasound.

    One other way to tell how far along a mare is when it is pregnant is to calculate the number of days since the horse was bred- or from when you suspect she may have been bred- the average gestation period for a horse is 340 days.

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    it would not hurt and would be free just to call the vet and run it by him/her and see what they think!!!

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