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When making a call, if the line rings, is there still a possibility that the other line is disconnected?

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    Let me try to answer it.

    If the line rings or not if the line is disconnected depends on technology used at Central Office or telephone exchange to the Called Party is connected.

    If the telephone exchange is old, line RINGS if the Called Party line is disconnected.

    In the modern telephone exchanges, the telephone exchange keeps track if the line is disconnected or non functional and plays appropriate recording.

    I hope it helps.

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    if you dial a number that is disconnected there will be a message stating that the number is disconnected. If you dial a number and it rings, and the phone at the location that you are dialing isnt ringing then most likely there is a trouble on the line, there is an open somewhere on the line. Have the person whos line it is call the phone repair, and have them do a test on the line

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    This is the very minor problem when your other line disconnected its is the problem of shorting your wire shorting another you have requested to check the wire it is assemble correctly

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    If the other phone is physically disconnected you'll hear rings.

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