Google SERP for my site? Why is someother site showing on top when I search for my website?


I operate a site

and my main keyword is "teak outdoor furniture".

The site was doing well until recently I changed the site structure and then I posted a message on

Now what happens is if we search for 'teak outdoor furniture" in google, my site is nowhere but it shows the post on on number 30. I think the google is considering that posting as most important.

Again,if I search in google the same post pops up first and my site on number 4!!!!

I tried to delete the post but I couldn't :-(

Now the question is:

a) How can I tell google not to consider the post or simply ignore it.

b) Is it really because of the post that my site is not showing up??

I apprecite any thoughts and advice which I badly need at this moment.

Thank you so much.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    This is because lately Google has been giving more weight to authoritative domains (non-commercial educational sites like are especially well regarded). They are doing this to avoid listing duplicate content in the SERPs. For example, if you write an article and publish it in and also in, they will list the version of your article hosted in and drop the one in In your case, if I understand correctly, it is not exactly a duplicate content issue, but rather that a comment about your site in a high PR page is ranking higher than your main site. The solution may just be to work a little more in building the inbound link profile of your site and waiting for Google to re-evaluate rankings. In the meantime, the message in will give you some citations and some traffic so it's not really a bad thing.

  • 1 decade ago is an authority site with pagerank 9. No wonder it outranks you. You must have used the term "teak outdoor furniture" in your post at, right? If the post links to your site and is prominent, visitors will still find you. If it would not be there, you would be no.3 and that's it. Now people will either come to you directly (from your #4 spot) or indirectly via (if they clicked on the #1 entry and see your post and link at

    Your competitor at the #2 and #3 spot are not present at, right? I would leave it as is and watch the traffic from

    the traffic from + the traffic from your #4 spot are probably higher than your previous single spot in the serps. I would check that.

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