Why do frozen pizza's give me blisters on my mouth & regular pizza's don't?

Everytime I eat a frozen pizza i get blisters on the roof of my mouth but never when I eat pizza from a restaurant. Why?


No the pizza's that come from delivery are actually hotter than the pizza from my oven. I let my oven pizza cool for at least 10 min before I eat them.

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    I've never heard of this problem before, and if you hadn't added more information, I would've said that it was because the frozen pizza was a lot hotter than delivery or restaurant. Now I'm wondering if it doesn't have something to do with the kind of cheese and the distribution of the toppings on the frozen pizza.

    The only thing that I can figure is the preservatives in the cheese may affect the temperature at which the stuff melts and stays melted. That, or else what you think of as heat-related blisters might be some kind of allergic reaction to spices or preservatives in the frozen pizza.

    Gotta admit, this is a real stumper of a question!

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    Strangely, I have gotten something on the roof of my mouth after eating restaurant pizza. I wouldnt call them blisters necessarily but some weird irritation on the top of my mouth. I dont get it from my homemade or delivery pizza. I thought I was just nuts.

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    generally Pizza ovens are running between 500 and 600 degrees so they may have infact retained more heat than a pizza you cook at 400 degrees in your oven (depends how long between oven to your door).

    secondly different brands of ingredients (such as cheese and pepperoni) have differing levels of oil that retain heat. I suspect that the home pizza uses cheaper ingredients, more oily cheese for example (vs. more milky cheese at a pizzaria)

    think of what happens when you leave butter or oil in a frying pan for too long, same idea, oil burns quickly

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    LOL that's so funny ..It just happened to me too..must be cause were so hungry we cant wait for the pizzas too cool off..the others arrive after sitting in someones car for 30 mins.

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    You have to use pizza oven

    With it you will have no trouble at all and will always hear the taste of delicious hot pizza

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    because it's hotter when you eat it out of your oven

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    hmmm... maybe there are ingredients in the frozen pizza that your skin is allergic to

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    Its the chemicals in the freezing process that brings out the new lisions on your lips, Sorry about your luck...

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    Too hot..or must be preservatives..??

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