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Penis Size + Remove Fatty Pubic Tissue?

Ok, im a 16 year old, 220 pound male. When i have an erection + its not very strong. I can get an erection but since its not very strong i feel it wouldnt satisfy. Is this a health related problem?

I can get it harder by pressing along the base but i wouldnt do that during sex. I know this is related to the fatty tissue in the pubic area. Is there an exercise i can to to target the area to get rid of the fat?

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    I don't think so. You're only 16! Wait a couple of years and your erections will be much stronger. Size is irrelevant to sexual functioning. A lot of guys are very focused on size, which bores the heck out of their girlfriends. Anyway, if your erections are not strong, that's because you are not ready to have sex yet. When the time comes, you will be rock-hard.

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    Umm...wouldn't getting rid of fat make the penis appear smaller and there isn't really much fat on the penis anyway.

    Do kegel exercises and if that doesn't work and you cant get a full erection,try using a cock ring,but be very careful with this and don't have it on for over 20 minutes.

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