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If the mail doesn't run on Tues,like they say, will we still get our ss checks on wed.,the 3rd?

If I heard right, there will be no mail running on Tuesday in honor of Ford's burial. There will be no mail run on Monday because it is a holiday. So for the ones that usually get a check in the mail instead of direct deposit, how could it get in the post office wednesday if no mail is going anywhere over the next 2 days?


To the rude woman: No, I really could not wait another day or two. I am about out of certain important medicines and I need gas money to travel 50 miles round trip to go get the medicine so that I won't have a stroke or something. I am about out of food too. I do not live close to other people.Certain bills will be past due after the 3rd. There are also other important reasons why I need the money as soon as possible, but I have wasted too much time on you already. Thanks to all you other nice people. She must be hard to live with. I feel sorry for anybody if they have to live with someone like that.

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    Wow qtpie,that was quite rude.Try living in someone else's shoes for a while before you make stupid comments.Disability is given once a month.It isn't easy to make it stretch the entire month,especially since Christmas has just passed.You could be in the same situation some day.

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    Yes, you should get it. From what I have read. Mail will not be home delivered and the post office window will be closed. However, mail will still be sent from and to each post office to be delivered on Wednesday. Some post offices will put mail in your po box as a courtesy. Don't be suprised if the mail comes twice on Wednesday in some areas.

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    SSI checks would have been mailed out early to be delivered on Dec 29th.

    Social Security checks will be delivered on the 3rd as usual.

    To the rude woman commenting about waiting around for welfare checks...... some people are retired and this is their income. Try not being so stupid and narrow minded.

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    SSI checks are mailed on the 3rd anyway just because "sometimes" you get your check on the day before ..guess what ? it will not happen this month.

    Why don't you get direct deposit? that would solve your problem.

    Oh well I guess you will have to wait till the 3rd like you are supposed to anyway,the banks are not even supposed to cash ssi checks before the 3rd..I should report the bank for doing that.

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    Tuesday was declared a Federal holiday - a national day of mourning; thus no postal deliveries. If you normally get your check on the 3rd, then there may be a one day delay. Hope you have enough food and other staples to carry you over.

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    My Mom already has hers. She is on disability. To the people who think that getting a social security check is akin to not having a life. My mother has had several heart attacks and strokes. She worked her a** off and paid into the system. She cannot work! The check is so that people in her situation can pay their bills! It is NOT for illegals and it was hard as hell for her to get. You get a life!

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    you should have your SS check direct deposited to your checking account. It is faster. I expect mine on 1/3/07.

  • You need to get a life if all you do is sit around and count the days till your next gov't check!! Like you couldnt wait an extra day or two??? GMAB!!

    My husband enjoys living with me quite a bit, and so do my kids...thx anyway.

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    SS probably sent it out early.

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    I hope so otherwise the Bush party is in deeper **** than they are already.

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