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Does Microsoft actually have any competition in the business world?

Besides Apple?

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    Not for their operating systems.

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    Depends on how you define "business"

    Almost ALL servers run Unix or Linux, Apache, the most popular server software on the web, runs in Unix or Linux.

    In the graphics world, Apple rules...

    In big business, most users are operating on terminals that run Windows of one flavor or another, but if the business has a private network, you can be certain the servers run Unix or Linux.

    In fact, Unix has ALWAYS been a much larger player in the world of big business that Microsoft. Telephone companies, internet suppliers, and most other high tech companies are running Unox or Linux Systems, not MS, except maybe windows runs on the terminals that the employees use to access the main servers...

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    For business applications and infrastructure software, sure. They compete with IBM, Oracle and SAP in some or all of those areas.

    On the desktop: not really. They're pretty much the only show in town.

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