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Getting waxed-best numbing medication?

I am going to be getting a brazillian wax. What is the best thing to take before to keep the pain away?? Help 1st timer

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    Dont use numbing gel of any kind because it can cause irritation and make the skin thiner and that would make the waxing hurt more. Take some tyneol before hand and apply some ice and hydrocortizone cream afterwards

    Source(s): Ive worked in a dermatologist office since I was 16 and temp at the local spa occasionally. AND I wax!
  • Ibuprofen beforehand if you can tolerate it and I second the recommendation for homeopathic arnica. NO booze or narcotics or creams/topical ointments, unless it is something the waxer uses as part of the procedure. However, you will either be able to tolerate this procedure or you won't. The first time is the most painful, but seriously, if you have a decent waxer it is just not that bad. Make sure your waxer is paying attention to you and if you need her (him?) to stop for a moment so you can catch a breather, let him/her know.

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    I've never heard of people taking meds to get a wax. Either breathe through it or don't do it.

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    To be honest I had a bottle of wine, well almost and although I felt the pain I was so relaxed I didn't jerk around as much!

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  • They will give you a numbing cream to put on when you get there. It's not a big deal, and doesn't hurt like many let on. You'll be glad you did it.

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    Arnica 6c. It's an homeopathic medicine you find at the chemist.

    Try it, its amazing. Even before the dentist reduces the pain/swelling to nothing!

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