Do you have a challenging and fun job?? I need to make a career change.?

I have worked in retail, which I won't do again. I've worked as a waitress for many years. Great pay. But I physically can't do that anymore. And recently I've cleaned houses. I can no longer keep this job because it's too physically demanding on my body now.

I was in an auto accident back in '04. Due to injuries to my SI joint I can't keep doing the things that I used to do without hurting. So, I am needing to make a career change. I loved my job. And was darn good at it too. But I really can't do it anymore. (the doctor says so too) I need to find something else. So I am starting all over. I am willing to go to school for a bit, but I need to start bringing home some money in the mean time. Any suggestions?

I'm a busy body, meaning I can't sit for long periods of time.

Additional info: I am almost 36 yrs. old with no education or training. I can't stand or sit for long periods of time. And I don't have a good memory.

I'm SOL aren't I????

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    No you are not SOL. I work in the financial services industry, I am licensed for insurance, mortgage and securities. I help families out of debt and also recruit to build my business and help others build theirs. There is a 6- 7 figure income that is obtainable and I am someone who was labled learning disabled when I was a kid. So you may have some limitations but you cant let that define you . The husband and wife that run our office have had serious set backs, the wife had MS and also stage 3 cancer and is now cancer free and they have built a business that makes them $120.000 a month. It kinda takes away all of our excuses.By the way I didn't go to school for this. All you need is to not be a felon and become licensed with insurance and eventually securities and lastly have a heart to help people financially and help them win in business.

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    Sounds like you've had some bad luck.

    Depends what income you need, how important the "fun" aspect is, whether you're prepared to do any education, and whether you want something stable for the rest of your life.

    (When you say "no education", do you mean high school diploma, any community college?)

    You could be a counselor. Of the telephone sort.

    Some people find the human interaction stimulating - and you can study for credentials while you do it.

    Nursing is probably too physical.

    Teaching may not pay much.

    You don't sound the office, admin or medical type.

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