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Are possums good pets?

Can you make them good pets/ do they bite hard/ email me plzz.

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    Possums are filthy animals and the smell is horrendous. I have trapped 7 or 8 of them and you do not want one for a pet. They are in no way an animal you can domesticate.

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    Pet Possum

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    They can make good pets if raised from bottle stage. I had a wild young possum that got in my home for three days and he never tried to go after any of my cats. Once we got him out tho we had him taken away so he wouldn't come back. My in-laws know a man who has a home for exotic animals, but is licensed to have them. He let my girls help bottle feed a pair of babies for him. He said if their gotten at the bottle age they can make good pet, but just remember they are wild creatures and they have extremely razor sharp teeth. Care with their handling is needed. My husband said if we ever came across a baby one that he'd let our family raise it. They can get to the size of a medium dog about 40 pounds. You need to check with you local humane society to see if its legal to own one and if you need certain licenses to keep wildlife. If legal you need also to get as much information on how to raise them, what to feed them, if any shots are needed such as rabies. And don't forget wild animals can be carrier if the rabies virus. I have some experience with being around wild animals. We've had a wolf hybrid for 11 1/2 yrs now, raised wild starlings since they were 5 days old, respected a momma bobcat and her 4 young under my house for the last 3 yrs.(only my son was ever able to pet any, he got it mixed up with one of our cats in the dark). We also have an igana, a kingsnake, a tarantula, and a pair of cockatiels along with a goat and a red sheep. Give this a lot of thought and get all the information you can before you get a possum. A vet is another person to consult and to make sure they will give medical for the possum.

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    Hi Hot, A possums for a pet, would be like having a wild cat lose in your house. Besides that they look like a giant rat from a horror movie. They have very Big teeth,and will bite you. NOT a good pet at all. HAPPY NEW YEAR.


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    Opossums CAN make good pets if your willing to give up a lot of your time. Opossums first of all do not hang upside down as pets because their tail cannot support their body weight so they obviously don't sleep upside down. Also, get them at a very young age 10 weeks is a good time. The only reason people say opossum are filthy is because the opossums live in the will therefore they do not get baths. What do you expect? You would be filthy too. Just like any other wild animals, they need a lot of care and attention. They are really fun to have. I have one as of right now, he is 5-6 months and a little bit smaller than a guinea pig. I plan on keeping him. Just do a lot of research on them!! And make sure your state allows them!!

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    My mother is a wildlife rehabilitater & I have helped raise & release dozens of baby possums. They are adorable little babies & seem to truely love you for awhile.... Keep in mind possums have 52 teeth designed to crush bones for a reason. They are ment to be wild animals. When they behave like nature intended they can be not so nice "pets". This tends to happen after about 1 1/2 to 2 years or when your "pet" is sexually mature. Then depending on male or female animals you can encounter some very hard to handle behavior. Possums can also be prone to digestive problems due to the nature of normally eating rotting carcusses vs fresh food people are likely to feed them.

    Good luck

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    Yes and no.

    I have a virtual friend who's had a couple of possums and they were both real sweethearts. BUT they were orphans rescued as infants and she bottle raised them.

    Wild possums do NOT make good pets; they cannnot be socialized to humans. They have aggressive, nasty dispositions and yes, they bite hard!

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    I live in Australia and I do not think a possum is a good idea for a pet .It is banned here they are nocternal ie only night animals they can be trained a bit but are sharp clawed and are not pettable.

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    I have a chipmunk and she's a wonderfull pet. Never bites me since I've had her as a baby.

    I suspect a possum would be similar

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    I worked with a guy that had 4 possums as pets.

    He rescued them from the woods as babys.

    I suppose they were good pets, they reminded me of city sewer rats.

    Yes the bite hard, they have little razor teeth, lots of them.

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