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i earned $3,078.25 in taxes in a period of 6 months .....i have one dependant under 17 years of age ...?

how much taxes should i get back.....its my first time filing....thank you....also am i eligible for earned credit income?

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    You earned $3,078.25 in taxes? OR is that how much you've paid in taxes?? OR did you mean that is what you've earned over the past year??

    You can go to and get a rough idea of what you should've paid in taxes in the past year depending on what your income was. And depending on what your income was and if you are single, and so on...... you can find out if you are eligible for EIC.

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    Do you mean that you had income of $3078? You will not owe any tax and if you file you will receive any withholding back.

    If you have a child you may be entitled to Earned Income Credit for that child. For income of $3078 the EIC is about $1000.

    You can read up on whether you are eligible for EIC here:

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  • Anonymous
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    Go to Staples or walmart and buy tax preparation software such as TaxCut or TurboTax. Both of them ask you questions and plug in numbers to do your taxes for you. It will be $20 well invested. You probably don't need the deluxe version unless you are self employed.

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  • Dizney
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    1 decade ago

    get some software and figure it out. DON'T go to H&R Block. Their employees don't know what they are doing. They have brocolli for brains (my opinion.)

    Source(s): Grad. of H&R Block course - but I have 20 year experience
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