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what could cause swelling on the left side of chest ? denies injury /pain. feels like ribs pushed out.?

24 yr old male. history of high blood pressure, hep c for 2 yrs, and substance abuse. denies alcohol abuse.

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    Possibly an enlargement of the spleen. Blood flows from the spleen to the liver. The spleen can become enlarged when blood flow through the liver is obstructed (as in cirrhosis related to the Hep C). This person should go to the doctor.

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    Honestly I dont think it would be to do with the hep, hep c effects mostly your liver.( i have 3 family members with hep c) Check the spine, I have similar pain and swelling when my back is out. One time I thought I was having a heart attack. Go to the chiropractor or dr and get them to check your back. I was better 2 days after my visit

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    Agrre with lasmal.

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