i got there but i dont know how to catch the fish in zelda?

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    You're talking about Twilight Princess, I assume?

    These instructions are for the GameCube version only, not sure how accurate they'll be for the Wii version.

    If so, then you should already have your fishing pole from the Ordona Province. There are two ways you can catch fish in the Fishing Hole at Lake Hylia - bobber fishing (which is the kind of fishing you can do anywhere with your fishing pole) and lure fishing, which I will explain later.

    If you want to do some bobber fishing, get some bait (either bee larvae from hives or worms from those little bird things that run around Hyrule Field) and set your fishing pole to X or Y. Face the water and press the button you set the pole to, and that will cast the line. Wait a bit, until the bobber goes under water up to the second yellow or red line, then pull back on the c-stick and hold until you land yoru fish.

    For lure fishing, there's a hut to the left of where you enter the fishing hole. Go in there and talk to the woman, who will let you take out a boat and some lures for 20 rupees. Go out and fish the same way, except using the B button to cast, and having to choose lures, paddle around, etc.

    Hope this helped.

    Source(s): my personal experience Prima Guide
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    i agree with the first answer and the second one but there is another thing you need to know. if you are trying to catch fish for the cat at ordon village,once you catch a fish, don't press a. swing the wiimote wildly and press z or b. the cat will grab the fish and run back to the fat lady who in return will give you a bottle full of milk.

    Source(s): i'm already in castle town.
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    once you see the bobber go all the way into the water, you jerk the controller upwards a little, and it will say "FISH ON!!!". then, you just reel. i couldnt figure it out for 3 days till my friend showed me...

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