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Why do they have comertiols on tv?

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    in going out on a limb here, but from your spelling, and your skin tone on your avatar, you are not american. in the US, commercials generate the revenue that pays the producers, actors, camera men ect. to create the shows that you watch on tv. no commercial revenue, no tv shows.

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    Comertiols pay for the TV shows you watch

    Comertials pay the director, the actors, the set designers, the electrical and construction trades and the TV studio that rents the buildings for the TV show....

    In turn, all these people pay taxes....and these taxes pay for your schooling....and that little part where you learn English and learn to spell.....

    So take GREAT advantage of those taxes they paid for your schooling....become a Great Speller, a great Math Whiz and a Great English Speaker....that's all these comertiols ask for in return...

    By the way.....Comertiols is SPELLED Commercials in the USA...You have to learn somehow, and that's what they pay for...

    Source(s): 24 years learning.....EACH and EVERY DAY I learn something NEW......
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    It is mainly an advertising campain. They try to sell something. Or, it can be an informational commercial. Like, when a new movie is coming out, or a new show on tv.

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    Commercials are used to pay for the programming on television. Ratings (how many people or households watch a particular program) determine how much a sponsor has to pay to air the commerical.

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    ~~~that is how we get free TV . Companys pay networks to advertise on their station,,,,in turn we have to watch the comercials,,,and therefore free TV.,,,,,,,except cable,,,,dont know why we have to pay for that,,,,,,,but for those who dont have cable,,,get basic Television at no charge.

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    To get attention to the product they're selling. To make you buy the thing in the first place haha, that's really all?!

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    They have commericals so that manufacturers can sell their products or inform people about their products.

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    to advertise things,products and places, such as schools where people learn to spell

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    To make money so they can pay their over head.

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    People that are selling stuff want to advertise and therefore came upon COMMERCIALS!!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

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