Why do Protestants reject the workship of saints and Virgin Mary?

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    Catholics share the belief in the Communion of Saints with many other Christians, including the Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, Episcopal, and Methodist Churches.

    The Communion of Saints is the belief where all saints are intimately related in the Body of Christ, a family. When you die and go to heaven, you do not leave this family.

    Everyone in heaven or on their way to heaven are saints, you, me, my deceased grandmother, Mary the mother of Jesus, and Mother Teresa.

    As part of this family, you may ask your family and friends living here on earth to pray for you. Or, you may also ask the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Andrew, or your deceased grandmother living in heaven to pray for you.

    Prayer to saints in heaven is simple communication, not worship.

    With love in Christ.

    Source(s): For more information, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church, section 946 and following: http://www.usccb.org/catechism/text/pt1sect2chpt3a...
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    Your question is a bit confusing. Of course, Protestants do not worship Mary or any of the other saints.

    In Catholic teaching, the saints are normal men and women who have exemplified lives of holiness (at least at some point in their lives). They are role models for the rest of us still struggling on our own spiritual journey. By the way, there is a newly published book just out, about the "real" unpublished lives of the saints. I haven't read it, but the authors say that they hope we all will benefit from reading the "real stories" to see that even the canonized, declared saints were not perfect. Some of them were definitely imperfect!!! So there is hope for the rest of us.

    If you are implying that Catholics worship Mary and the other saints, you are incorrect. They clearly believe, as do other Christians, that worship belongs to the one God alone, in the Trinity (but isn't that another question?).

    Many Catholic churches have statues of Mary and the other saints as reminders of their holiness and as inspiration. Catholics pray to Mary and the other saints as intercessors for them, but this prayer is clearly not an act of worship.

    In Catholic practice, there has been much less emphasis on Mary and the other saints after the 1960's, so this should not be a reason for anybody to avoid checking into the Catholic tradition.

    Good luck on your spiritual path, but please get your facts straight before you share your disinformation with the world.

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    Worship is not what you should do with the saints and the virgin Mary.

    The saints should be imitated and prayed to for assistance. The Virgin Mary should also be treated with much respect and love.

    "we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses . . ." (Hebrews 12:1)

    Jesus talked to those who had passed and the Apostles witnessed it. Which proves that those who died are in the state of active participation in God's plan for our salvation.

    Dead Christians are unquestionably more alive and holy than we are, since they are with God (Rev 21:27).

    St. Paul urges us to "imitate" him (1 Cor 4:16, Phil 3:17), as he, in turn, imitates Christ (1 Cor 11:1, 1 Thess 1:6), and we are told to honor the "heroes" of the faith (Heb 6:12, 11:1-40, Jas 5:10-11).

    Protestants do not pray to the saints or the Virgin Mary because they protest all that. They are in the habit of protesting all things Catholic.

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    There are no "saints." Christ never declared that anyone was a saint - that is something that a religion started on its own, along with many other "traditions" that are not mentioned in the Bible and were not taught by Christ. As for Mary - she was a special woman chosen to be Christ's earthly mother, but she also is not a saint and is not to be worshipped. I think she would be horrified to know that some people hold her almost equal to or above Jesus Christ.

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    Protestants reject the worship of Virgin Mary because she is a human being.She was chosen only to give birth to Jesus Christ because of her good reputation (she was a virgin)

    Worshipping of Saints is also idolatry.They are believer (an Apostle)We are sinners.Worshipping idols is a sin.

    the first commandment says the we have to worship God alone.we have no other gods except the Creator.

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    All Christians, even Catholics reject the "worship" of saints and the Virgin Mary (who is also a saint). Worship is due only to God. You are very mistaken in your understanding.

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    God would have us love God and worship God. To worship God in Spirit & Truth.

    I don't consider myself a protestant, but I protest worshipping any body or idol before worshipping my God.

    Saints means Holy. Everyone born of God is a Saint / Holy. Anyone born of God cannot abide in sin (make it a comfortable habit) because of the Holy Seed within. As soon as we are saved through faith in Jesus Christ, we are clothed in Christs righteousness.

    I consider myself a Saint, because I am made the righteousness of Christ. But, I'm not God so would be upset if anyone tried to worship me. Even if I died and went to heaven, and I was praying for family, etc. in heaven.

    Jesus Christ is the intermediary between us and Father God. Without the gift of the Holy Spirit, we don't have a connection, especially if we are worshipping Saints or the Blessed Mother Mary. Because that would be sin, having other gods, people, sports, or things before the LORD God who delivered us out of bondage of sin.

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    we don't reject their work while they were alive, but the Bible says that all Christians are saints so we don't see any reason to paint some with halos and some not.

    Why do Catholics (based on the Bible) pray to saints and Mary? I'm not being snarky, I really want to know. Being Catholic seems really interesting to me, but the saint/Mary thing stands in the way for me.

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    Worshiping the Saints and the Virgin Mary is the same as worshiping a wood carving, they are false ideals.

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    A lot of people tend to worship mary instead of Jesus, therefore making her into sort of an idol. Granted, not all people do, but some do. Another thing is that protestants believe that by praying, you have a direct line to God, instead of having to go through mary.

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