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How does the NBA fantasy work????

I want to know everything, like playoffs, and how you earn and lose points...


I want to know everything, like playoffs, and how you earn and lose points... Also what are utilities.

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    Depends on what type of league you play in.

    There's a type of league where all players are available to every team in the league and you have a salary cap. Within that salary cap you try to fit all of your players based on what they are rated at in respects to salary. For instance Kobe's going to be more expensive then some guy that averages 1.3 PPG.

    In another type, especially I have seen this in private leagues and in the NFL fantasy leagues, you have so many teams and then you have a draft. Every player in the NBA is eligible but once picked they belong to the team that picked them unless traded or released. In other words this league would be more realistic to a real team.

    One of the leagues, maybe the first type, is called rotisserie scoring.

    Some leagues are free as the one I listed and others you might pay a fee for entry. If you pay a fee though some of the money goes into a pot and then that money is rewarded to the champion and sometimes some money goes to 2nd, 3rd, etc... depending on league rules and price of entry.

  • It depends on your league...

    You play a season vs. other ppl, and it's the same as other fantasy sports, as you usually have a draft and the players you have earn stats. One difference usually between football and basketball is that in football players earn weekly points, and you compete against ppl weekly to see who gets more points. In fantasy NBA, there are categories, such as pts., assists, blocks, rebounds, turnovers, etc, and you play against sum1 every week, but your score is the number of categories you win, with the totals being the sum of the all categories all your players earned over the week. Usually weekly scores are like 7-3, with both players earning some points, compared to football where you either win or lose the week.

    Another difference is that in football you can get by by keeping an injured player, b/c there are bench spots and almost all your players play every week, also adding more strategy to who you should start. In basketball, players play like half the nights (although usually Friday almost everyone plays, compared to Thurs. where there's only a couple games) so you can start almost all of your available players and by keeping an injured player you are losing out on potential stats.

    Utility means any player (at all positions) can be used for you. Playoffs are in the last few weeks of the REGULAR SEASON (so if you have a bunch of good players on bad teams, i.e. joe johnson) everyone will still play. Usually the top teams play in a tournament format, and your regular season standing will influence whether you get in the playoffs and your potential seed, determining matchups.

    Hope that helps.

    Source(s): My main team is stricken w/ injured players (Bosh, Odom, QRich, Wally, Rip, DWest). You don't want them.
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