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my pup is starting to show some changes in her personality &putting tail to side possibly comming to season?

my pupy is going to be six months old in january. she has not however started to bleed. also when you talk sweet to her she puts her bottom down, as well as put her tail to the side.

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    It is actually the opposite of answer #1: smaller the dog, sooner it goes into heat. Toy/small breeds usually around 6-7 months, medium/ large 8-10 months, extra large breed 12/15 months.

    Not knowing any details about your dog, one is usually already in heat when it moves its tail to the side. Don't base your conclusion on the fact that you don't see any blood, because you don't always see it. Some dogs have such a minimal bleeding that it's cleaned right up, and you won't see it.

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    Egads... i think your discomfort! the two one in each and every of my wee ones - who would be a million 365 days previous on the 23rd have been dealing with this on and rancid considering the fact that 7-8 months of age. relating to the time i think of I even have it conquered, some thing sends one or the different of them freaky back. on the Nat'ls interior the 9-12 mos b*tch classification completely a million/3 of the b*tches modern-day shied from the decide. This subject is interior the breed in a large way. I had various long conversations with different breeders on the Nat'ls because it is the 1st time i've got had a controversy with it... there became no consensus on the thank you to manage it. 0.5 theory it became perfect to bypass away them homestead to improve out of it so as that they did no longer replace into extra freaky over extra issues. the different 0.5 felt the canines must be inundated with stimuli so as that they might merely recover from it. i've got been engaged on the 2d ideas-set - so a techniques - no exhilaration on an ongoing foundation. sounds like now the fear is of the decide interior the hoop - yet everywhere else they are effective. different breeders have referred to to me that there are infrequently Berner domestic dogs being shown - and it relatively is for a reason. i'm on the brink of the component of sending them off in my view to camp for a week or 2 - no longer because of the fact i think of it would therapy them, yet because of the fact I did that with their mom on a somewhat ongoing foundation and that i'm thinking if that became component of what made her so darned solid. I want I had a good answer for you. it relatively is beneficial to evaluate starting to be a member of the BernerL and asking there.

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    If she is a small breed dog she probably won't come into heat until around 9 months. If she is a big breed its about time. If you don't plan on breeding her please have her spayed as soon as possible. It will keep her a puppy at heart, keep her from having certain medical problems as she ages and it will also prolong her life span.

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    Yes it seems puppy is doing those first sign of things to come keep puppy well away from Casannova dogs until a bit older.

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    She's coming into heat. Make sure and keep her from being bred.

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