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Will anyone join me in writing letters to our new Senators to stop this insanity of increasing troops in Iraq?

The 3000th American soldier died just before the end of the year.


For all contact info, go to www. Thank You!

Update 2:

bleeds..No one can speak for the soldiers and they are not allowed to speak for themselves, they take an oath to support the governments policies. I did not say leave Iraq, a phased withdrawal is the countries consensus and every poll in Iraq wants American troops to leave.

Update 3:

Carp... Comparing Iraq to WWII is absurd, but it's interesting that you think not too many soldiers have died.

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    Sadly, the previous Congress gave Bush all authority he needed to fight this phony war and he does not need the permission of the current Congress to excalate it. I have already written to my representatives and I encourage all like-minded Americans to do the same. But one needs to remember that Mr. Bush only does what "God" tells him to do (unlike the rest of us who must rely on reason and logic) so I think that it is extremely unlikely that his messianic "crusade" (his word, not mine) will end until he has unleashed much, much more carnage.on the world. (By the way, Mr. Bush's antics have now killed more Americans than the 9/11 attackers.)

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    We destroyed Iraq, we have a responsibility to build it back up; if we did it to Germany in WWII, we need to do it to Iraq. The problem is there are only 5k troops training Iraqi police forces, the Iraq study group suggested increasing it temporary to about 30k, so we can train them and then get out of there. That is the only way to stabilize the country. War is horrible (especially one based on lies), that is why I did not vote for Bush in the first place.

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    This is laughable, because wasn't it the Dems saying before the elections that we needed more troops? You do realize that this number is still less than half of the average monthly deaths in WWII? You would have been rounded up by FDR and put into prison back then.

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    Personally I think our government needs to sit down with Iraq's government and ask the Iraqis when THEY want us to leave. We got them into this mess, it is our duty to help them get out of it. If they want our help, we need to give it to them because this whole thing is our fault. If they want us to leave, we leave. It's that simple.

    And besides, if you talk to the troops who have been in Iraq, 90% of them will say that we are doing a good thing in Iraq and should not be leaving.

    Don't get me wrong, I was against this war from the beginning, but I am a firm believer of finishing what was started. We got ourselves and the Iraqis into a big mess and we need to work to finish the job now. Leaving is not going to make things better. I am strongly democrat but in the election in a couple of years, if it comes down to staying in Iraq or leaving, and the Iraqis have not said that they want us out, I will vote Republican. It would be nice to have a democratic president putting more money in my pocket, but the Iraqis need more help than I do. Their safety is more important than our personal gains.

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    70.000 more ought to be enough to lock the borders and crush any resistance encountered. Is it possible that more may be happening there than you or I know about? Hiding from radical Islam will not deal with the threat, remember, that was tried in the past and it didn't work. Radical Islam is at war with all western civilization, like it or not. Better to face a threat standing than with our backside raised while our heads are buried in the sand.

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    If I were an American citizen I would. Go for it. Your senators, and representatives need to hear how their constituents feel. That's how democracy works. And you will be able to tell your grandchildren some day that you did what you could to object. (That's why I marched against the war before the attack was made - so that some day I would be able to tell my grandchildren that I had put my 2 cents worth in).

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    It's a little late to get your letter to Santa.....kid

    If you send it now you will be on the top of the pile for next year, so be very good

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    I actually think that maybe we should. We will have power in numbers and hopefull ywe can flush this out and move on and rebuild their cities and let them finally get the life that we promised!!!

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    No, i have already written mine and told them to increase them.

    a larger number of troops means the job gets done and our troops get back home.

    we are already there, so it is too late to bicker about whether or not we should be there.

    get the job done, whatever the job is, BUSHIES KEEP CHANGING IT EVERY WEEK.

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    It is highly unlikely that the new Dem. congress will allow that to happen. Bush just refuses to face reality. We have killed enough of our best and brightest.

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