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How do I make this story without it sounding like Hannah Montana?

I tell people about my story idea and they say I'm copying Hannah Montana.

My idea: A girl is famous but she wants to go to school in disguise.

How do I make it not sound like Hannah Monata?! (And I came up with this before I knew the show was created!)


Im reasuring you I am not going to do a story like

A girl 14 or so, Her best friends name is lily. And her name is Kylie or something...

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    It's not like Hannah Montana is original. The Wall Street Journal wrote about the Disney formula using the show recently and it's an age-old formula: You make the audience empathize with the character who is normal during the day and a superstar at night and then live through the fantasy. Who doesn't want to be a famous pop-star in disguise? This is so unoriginal but so brilliant at the same time.

    Go with your idea. You're not stealing from Disney. You're simply building on the story foundationas as Disney does.

    There are so many stories like this, mostly involving the supernatural such as the timeless Werewolf stories, Bewitched, and perhaps Buffy, even a bit the Prince and the Pauper. There are probably lots of fables like this if I think more about it.

    Look at this formula and see what you like about it and create a story around it with your own characters.

    Your idea about a girl being famous and going to school in disguise is an excellent one but the timing might not be right because of the success of the show.

    I would reconsider the setting a bit. Maybe place it in a different time period or a different place. Or if you want it to be a contemporary story such as Hannah Montana play on this theme.

    For example, maybe make her in charge of a multi-national corporation who has influence with presidents and royalty but doesn't reveal it to her schoolmates or teachers because of kidnapping issues (this is a major problem in some countries and is happening more often in the US).

    But I think you might want to explore the premise some more to make it more dramatic. You may need to abandon your idea and get to the core of it, which is exactly what Disney is doing with its stories --- they're all based on that same premise yet they're all different.

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    Put more of you in it. The script writer for Hannah Montana put his or herself in it. Like Jewish Girl said make it sound a little older more sophisticated,and there are lots of little stories making up Hannah Montana even though that is the basic plot.But make your story new. email me if you need some help!

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    There are thousands of stories/shows with similar plots. I wouldn't let the fact that a children's show is similar to your plot stop you. Chances are that your detailed plot would differentiate yours from Hannah Montana. Unless you are creating a story with a girl about 14 who volunteers with a vet and all I wouldn't worry.

    The movie "The Prince and Me" with Julia Stiles was about a prince coming to the US to go to college as a "normal" guy.

    These similar themes/plots aren't copyrighted. They all loosely follow the "Prince and the Pauper" plots.

  • Hannah Montana is a kids show. Make your story with more detail. Like a women who is in journalism is secretly a superstar and gets an assignment to interveiw herself, but know one knows so she does all these adventures and stuff!

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    well.....that is really the hannah montannah plot but u could make it a guy whose a super star from like london or somewhere not in the U.S and he wants 2 atend school in the united states or something like that.

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