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Does anyone have experience with the 5 year Mirena IUD?

I had my daughter in March of 06 and had my IUD placed 4 weeks after.

We are planning to try to concieve another child in July-Sept of this year.. and we are wondering:

Does getting the IUD taken out hurt?

How long does it take to get pregnant after it is taken out?

Are there any side effects such a post bleeding to getting it taken out?

If you have anymore information that you could give me that would be greatly appreciated. Thank all of you that give true answers!

Have a great day and a happy new year!!!!!

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    The IUD does not hurt to take out acutally my hubby pulled mine out. The doctor told me how she would take it out and after three weeks of having it in my body was rejecting it to the point i was anemic and losing way to much blood so the ER doc said just pull the string and throw it away but be gentel dont yank. WELL my hubby took it out with the upmost care and that problem is now gone.

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    I have been given the Mirena a three hundred and sixty 5 days in the past. Getting it put in replaced into quickly and in simple terms felt like very undesirable era cramps that lasted that day. there replaced into no sharp soreness or something. I went in some weeks later and had the strings checked. i replaced into so happy with it, i replaced into destined to be their spokeperson. Then i began feeling ill consistently. and that i replaced into so drained i ought to somewhat upward push up all day. My scientific expert insisted it had no longer something to do with the iud on condition that there are no longer any hormones in it. however the undesirable thoughts persevered. I went on some message boards and located lots of different women who had an analogous journey. So, I kicked and screamed and made my scientific expert eliminate it. i could no longer have self assurance in simple terms 2 days later I felt like an entire new lady! i'm optimistic there are a number of females who've had staggering studies with it. no longer something obtainable works for each individual. wish this helped.

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    With the IUD's you are supposed to be able to get pregnant right away after having it taken out since there is no hormones involved. I dont remember it hurting me when I had mine removed but it has been a few years. Best advice I can give is to talk to your doctor he/she can give you the best advice on everything to do with the IUD.

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