How bad can back arthritis be?

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    It can be horrible and I am speaking from experience. Because of my arthritis, I have been put on Social Security Disability because my pain is often so bad that I can not fully function in my every day life. Besides the pain the emotional piece of what I call "Not having a life..." is hard too.

    I have had to have three spinal fusions as a result of degenerative disc disease because of arthritis in my back. It was and continues to be very painful...I have experienced some pain relief as a result of surgery....but still have significant pain and am on a lot of medications for pain management.

    Do you have a specific question you want answered? If an update and I can try and answer it for you. I am 32 years old and have been dealing with this problem for about 15 years and just had my last fusion one year ago.

    I use many techniques from complementary medicine, alternative medicine, massage therapy and narcotic and other non narcotic medication to control my pain and my arthritic symptoms. I'll answer whatever questions you have...if you want. Post an update or email me at I'd be happy to help with whatever information I can. Good Luck to you and Happy New Year!!

    Source(s): Personal experience...with spinal physicans and surgeons and doctors who specialze in the treatment of arthritis...and also experience working with pain management doctors for about 15 years.
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    First of all, have you ever broken a bone? Well when you have arthritis that is what it feels like. The throbbing and aching, it can hurt so bad that you can't move that area of your body, nor lift or hold anything, especially your body if it is in your back or legs. I have it everywhere and I am disabled as well. I can always tell when it is going to rain or snow, because I will have severe pain somewhere, if it is going to be a bad rain or snow, I will hurt everywhere and actually become bedridden for a day or so.

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    There are so very many components to this one, including the fact that there are more than 100 different types of arthritis. Don't forget, as well, that each of us perceives pain slightly differently. That means that what one person can tolerate will have another person absolutely unable to function.

    However, pain is pain. Use the link that I've provided to judge your pain level or the pain level of the person about whom you are asking. This scale can also be used to discuss pain management with your doctor and to describe paon levels with anyone.

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    .Arthritis of the spine can be mild or sever alot depends on age and how much of the spine is affected. Is this caused from an accident at some point in life or just a degenerative condition. It can also be progressive and very painfull.

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    Back pain from arthritis can be fairly unrelenting due to the pain being constant, as the spine holds us erect and straight the suffer can have trouble walking, sitting, standing and even laying down.

    The pain from the spine can also affect the legs, causing swelling and pain too. If its the upper spine and neck, it can cause headaches and dizziness, and affects the arms.

    Source(s): My mother inlaw can barely move (she shuffles) due to arthitis in the spine, her only way of getting relief is to lay down.
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