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Is there any evidence of the Flynn effect increasing at a greater rate due to the Internet?


The Flynn effect: The results of intelligence tests in different countries show that over the past century average IQ has been increasing at a rate of about 3 points per decade

Most commonly attributed to better nutrition over time and constantly being exposed to a greater set of perspectives than our granparents. Just wondering if there was an effect from the internet.

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    Its a very good question. I havn't come across any specific research on this, but research on the internet is only just coming to publishing status, so there might be something somewhere.

    I personally would imagine that the internet would maybe have an impact on the Flynn effect, because as more and more people across the World become IT savvy, so therefore the scores on standard IQ tests will increase (because the internet is quite a spatial task and IQ tests are also based on some spatial tasks). Its also interesting to ask whether the IQ tests that are used actually measure IQ across cultures.

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    What is the Flynn effect? I would have put this in the 'questions' area but, you may not have found it:o) Thanks

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    hmm I don't think so. most people don't use hte internet has an intellectual tool, but as a toy.

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