can't view profiles in new messenger?

I just installed the new yahoo messenger and nothing happens when I go to edit my profile or view other people's profiles. Is this a browser problem?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This is most likely an Internet Explorer Issue. The following instructions are for Internet Explorer Version 6. If you do not know what version you have then click Help at the top of the browser window and then About Internet Explorer.

    Click on Tools at the top of IE, then Internet Options. Go to the Programs Tab. Click the Reset Web Settings button. A little box will pop up, uncheck where it says “Also Reset My Homepage,” (this is not necessary), then click Yes. Now click OK. Close out IE. Launch a new IE window again and close it out. Exit Yahoo Messenger by right clicking icon by clock and choosing exit. Restart Yahoo Messenger. You should find that you can now view profiles. If not try a couple more things, one at a time.

    On the same place in Internet Options, Programs Tab, check the little box that says “Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser.” Click OK.

    Internet Options, Advanced Tab, click the button that says Restore Defaults. Click OK.

    Remember to close out IE and launch a new window then close it out again and to exit Yahoo Messenger and Restart it.

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