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Guys: How important is a woman's bra size?

Is the saying true that, "for every guy who likes big b**bs, there is one who doesn't"? Is that all you men care about? Sorry for the lame censorship, lol, and happy new year all!

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    sorry girl here, I just wanted to say when mine finally got pretty big my current boyfriend has made several comments about liking them smaller can you believe that crap unbelievable man, I think the main thing is the main course but some have more of a preference then others and i'm sure anyone who wants to be with you will be fully aware of what there getting when they get into it so beyond that point why would you worry, real relationships are about so much more than that anyways, good luck Kim

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    I can't speak for all men, but I can speak for me.

    I would say that breast size is mildly important. It's one aspect of a very large picture.

    I find medium-sized breasts (B, C) the most attractive. I find very large breasts unattractive.

    There are a lot of things that are more important to me than breast size. I like women who are friendly, vivacious, playful, intelligent, and who laugh a lot.

    There are also a lot of things as far as physical attractiveness that are more important to me than breast size. I am attracted to certain general body shapes; smooth skin; hair; faces; legs; and feet. Any of these I would consider more important than breast size.

    Is breast size important? A little bit, but it's certainly not the most important thing, nor is it a deal-breaker if someone has breasts that are of a size I don't find the most attractive. It isn't even important. There are a whole lot of things that are more important to me.

    Just FYI, sometimes men might pretend to be more interested in breast size (or breasts in general) than they actually are, because that is what we are "supposed to" be interested in.

    Then again, some men are totally obsessed with breasts, and some men only like big-breasted women. But I'd say that's certainly a small minority, from the men I've talked to.

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    Well, Tess, here's the real scoop on bra size. Because men are visuallly stimulated creatures and naturally born to procreate, it is normal for us to identify and admire a female with visual represenations of fertility. A large chest is certainly one of those visual representations. And for me, they are a great stimulation during c*pulation resulting is the most terrific org*sms.

    Nevertheless, the lovely small-chested women I have dated have been no less exciting, feminine, and amorous.

    I think I love the tall ones and the small ones, but God bless them all. Happy New Year !!

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    Thank you. Happy New Year to you as well!

    Bra size is semi-important to me. I have 36 C's right now but I'm not done growing. It's semi-important because I think if I had anything smaller, especially A's; I would be very depressed about my "flat-chestedness." I think mine are going to get bigger =) Big Boobs are good to have! Just not TOO big, then you have back pain from carrying those huge jugs around. It starts to be too much.

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    I would much rather have a woman with her real regular size boobs that big fake ones.As far as size,if she is comfortable then I am also.If she feels insecure about them there is nothing I can say or do to make her at ease.

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    Look, most "kind" men want other "kind" women to spend their time with.

    I happen to love a woman with big boobs and I worship them. I also like curves and long hair and a nice smile and them being a little friendly.

    I don't know any man that just likes a woman based on their chest.

    good luck.

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    Personally I go for brains not boobs lol They have nothing to do with who a girl is they are just toys to play with on occasion sorry so don't worry about the boobs worry about the brains

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    If all a guy is interested in is your boobs, give him one of your old bras and tell him to go away!!!! He needs to understand that you are a person with breasts, not a pair of breats, that just happens to be attached to a person.

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    uhh im in highschool and i dont think that a girls bra size matters that if there non existent small then its kinda odd but if u have at least sumthing on your chest then size doesnt really matter....hope this helped

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    uhh. happy new year.

    anyways. i do not care about the bra size. all i care is her personality and her looks.

    it adds when she is smart.

    boobs are for bragging. but it doesn't mean it is good and attractive.

    others are too big that it is awkward to see.

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