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period help...?

i don't want to have my period on my vacation...if i get it right on schedule i should be fine, but i'm scared i'll be a few days there any way to make it come sooner?? i heard heat helps, but any suggestions would be fantastic!


i'm a dancer, and i want to be able to wear my quick changes...everything without worrying...i'm not talking about pills or anything..just random the heat thing, someone told me not to go in the hot tub if i was gonna get my period because heat makes it come quicker...somethign like that, nothing medical...i don't want to be changing my whole cycle all up

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    well...unless you are on a birthcontrol pill and can manipulate the days you get it or delay the time line you get it then there really is nothing much you can do or should do. otherwise not much you can do but make the best of it.

  • m c
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    That is one thing that you do not want to be trying to change. Never take anything to try and stop or start it. You could end up feeling pretty rough. Why is it so important to try and change your regular cycle, change the vacation instead. Woman go on vacation all the time and their period starts or stops while on vacation. This is part of being a woman, so what's the real deal here.

  • you can use any family planning tablets once daily up to your vacation atleast 3-4 days before menses to delay period but there is no way for sooner period

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    using a topical progesterone cream, aka yam emollient, always seems to speed things up for me. but you have to use it consistently everyday between periods. it may be too late unless your vacation is a month away.

    i use the cream to reduce pms symptoms.

    you can find progesterone cream at a health food store or probably a drug store.

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    umm exercise if you extersice and eat less fattie foods im not saying go on a diet but if you have a low but healthy body fat index itll come later in life and if you already have it play sports ALOT of em and itll come a bit laater

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