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math question?

Three boys buy a pushbike from an old man for $3, they each pay $1, and ride away on it.[one on handlebars and one on crossbar] The old man decides he charged them too much and gives his son 50cents and tells him to chase them down and give it to them. He puts 20c in his pocket and then gives them back 10c each, so they have now paid 90c each. 3 times 90c is $2.70+the 20c in his pocket is $2.90, where is the other 10c?

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    I think I know the problem?

    Order of operations... Or it's the way you set up the equation...?

    Hmm... I think that if the old man wanted the money to come out evenly, then he should have given his son 60c so each boy could have 20c back, paid 80c, equals 2.40, plus the 60c, then ta-da! $3.00!

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    He gave it back , bcus only 2 boys rode away, not 3.

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    nothing its just the way it is worked out

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