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why would my parents do this after so many years...?

why would my parents raise me as a only child, and then adopt a child that is autistic? i asked them and they said "cause they wanted to", but thats not a legit answer in my eyes. so why the f*ck are they doing this to me? is there a way i can talk them out of it before it moves in?



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    When you go around saying "Why are you doing this to me" just because your parents want to reach out to help a needy child, you sound like a spoiled brat! Then the best you could hope for is for your parents to ignore your selfish temper tantrums!

    Instead, sit down with your parents & discuss what upsets you. Calmly say "Have you guys thought about the effect this will have on me?"

    Try to put your emotions into words, even if it comes out illogical.

    Are you feeling rejected, as if they are being "unfaithful?"

    Are you feeling like they don't really love you enough?

    Are you afraid of no longer being the center of attention?

    Autism can range wildly from someone who never manages to get potty trained, to those who become computer programmers. Find out more about where this child falls along the range. And have a frank discussion with your parents about how your life will change if this child is brought into the house. You might end up with someone who can play video games with you & fix your computer. Or you might need to keep your door locked so the child won't chew on all your electrical cords & steal your batteries. (like my nephew would do.)

    BTW - And an autistic child is NOT an "it!"

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    First of all just because the child is autistic doesn't mean that he/she isn't human. Maybe you can think of another way to refer to him/her. Also, its great that your parents are you know how many kids out there have no home, family or anyone to love them?! Maybe you should sit back and think about what it really means. Try to be a little less selfish!

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    stop thinking of only yourself. Obviously your parents have the love and support to give to this other child that needs help and love. Accept the fact that your parents are generous human beings that want to help this child. I'm pretty sure they are not going to just leave you in the dark and ignore you....You should be proud of them...and by all means change your attitude...the child is not an "it" I hope you grow up and learn about the challenges people face that make them stronger...your being weak...having this type of behavior

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    Why are they doing this TO you? How is it about you? Can't you share their desire to help someone in need? Autistic children have very special needs. Your parents want to reach out and share what they have with someone who needs it. Instead of worrying about how this is going to change things for you, you could embrace the child and try to make a diff in his/her life. You could mean so much to another human being if only you tried.

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    first off you can quit being a spoiled brat and accept that your parents do not need to clear anything with you and second you can take example by how big your parents hearts are .... they are taking in a child who needs someone ... and you should help and be a part of your new family!! If you can't accept this person coming in than by all means tell your parents how selfish you are and ask to live with a relative.

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    Hey its there choice and all kids need a family and love the child is lucky there are people out there that will give them a good home so give the poor kid a chance and don't be such a spoiled only child

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    I don't know how old your parents are but when they reach a certain, they start feeling lonely, and they might want to adopt to fill that little empty hole. They wil get over it. My parents did. You need to talk to them and tell them that they need to include you too in this decision for the reason that you are the one that they are going to count on in helping out.......About that "It" was a bit to harshed don't you think?.....just wait till you have children of your own and you will see how that feels when they call your baby an "IT".

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    Just a guess, but maybe they think that "it" will grow up to make them more proud as parents than what you're demonstrating you deserve by virtue of this question.

    If this is a real Q, I'd say you need some professional help.

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    first of all the child is not an It. second of all have you asked for a better explanation. just tell them you dont understand why you would want to take on something like that. maybe this will lead into a conversation.

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    Hey GEEK, it's not about YOU.

    What is your problem anyways? Your parents are doing a noble thing. It will be a hard enough road for the without you screwing things up. Grow up you baby. The reason they are doing it is thay they must be very good people and have a lot of love to share.

    Get with the program and be supportive of them, afterall they were supportive of you! They don't have to answer to you anyways. Who are you and were you born into money?

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