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I have a small window that won't close. I did see it said font?

program. How do I get rid of it?


It says font capture. What is this, people collect fonts?

Update 2:

My daughter says she was clicking on pictures on a Green Day site. I really appreciate your answers. And don't say trojan or virus, I'm already freaked out when little things happen. Ha Ha. Thanks.

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    do a control alt delete and force it closed in task manager or restart your computer, that should do it

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    You really need to give more info, like when did it open? what were you doing when it first appeared? And perhaps, what OS are you running?

    First thing, if you are running windows (any version) try right clicking in the window and if a menu opens choose close, if the menu has a close option.

    If that does not work, try CTRL+ALT+Delete. you will either open the task manager, or get a dialog that has an option to open the task manager, either way, once you have the task manager, look at what programs are running. Since you mentioned something about fonts, look for a program with font in its name, or a program that might be using fonts alot (a word processor or something like that) if something looks like it could be the problem, try clicking it and choosing close or end task or end process.

    Have you treied simply shutting down and restarting? is the window still there? Id so, it might be a virus or trojan, get a good virus scanning program and run a complete scan.

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    I am not sure about your problem. But you can do I think if you are using Windows XP.

    To close that little window, Open Task Manager By Pressing

    Ctrl + Alt + Del.

    Click on the process Tab and select the name of that windows

    Click on End Process or Press The Del Button.

    Click on Yes.

    Now I think your windows will close by above steps.

    If that windows comes on startup again. Then

    Click on Start

    Select Run

    type msconfig and click on OK.

    Click on Startup Tab

    You will find a list of programs which runs automatically on startup.

    Unmark the unwanted Software/Program.

    Click on OK and select Restart.

    After restarting windows you will find a little dialog with a checkbox. Mark that checkbox and select OK or whatever button given to close that window.

    I think your problem will be solved using above methods




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