I want to play burned games, can someone tell me how to do it with the gameshark, action play, or another way?

Can someone give me specific directions on how to do the swap trick or the trick to hold the button down so the playstation 2 thinks it's closed but it's not. I have the original ps2! Please help me and be very clear with instructions. THANK YOU!!!

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    Either A) Get a slidecard w/ CD or B) Install a modchip.

    The slidecard is the swapping thing you are thinking of. It comes with a special cd used to prep the PS2 system for your burned game. The modchip is a peice of hardware installed directly to your PS2's motherboard (think of the processor on a computer)

    I'd go with a slidecard, beacause it costs to have a modchip installed. However a modchip may work better.

    Both are available at www.modchip.com

    Source(s): www.modchip.com
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    The swap trick was for the PSX, not the PS2. And I don't believe it was for burned games. I think it was for playing Japanese games on an American PSX.

    You can't use Gameshark or Action Play to play burned games. They're used for cheating in a game, such as getting invincibility or unlimited ammo. Action replay is mainly used to download someone else's game saves and uploading it to your console so you don't have to play the game to get 100% completion or all the secrets in the game.

    What you are asking is illegal. It's called software piracy, and if you get caught, you can expect a heavy fine, and/or prison time.

    Be smart and delete your question before you get in trouble.

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