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How can i get alot of people to like me ?

What do popular sociable people have in common that attract people to them ?

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    Tactness and respect for themselves in the first place. Politeness, accepting people for who they are. Read Dale Carnegie's books, very helpful and they work. Also be more optimistic and see the good in people. Others will see that.

    Good luck.

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    Just be yourself and you should be able to make friends. It sounds so cliche but if you have to act a certain way to get friends, then you have to ask yourself, are these types of friends really worth having? You should never try to impress someone into being your friend. The only types of friends I want are true friends who will like you no matter what, and are there for you unconditionally.

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    just b urself and if they dont like them screw them lol find some ppl that like u for who u are and remember u cant make someone like u! haha i sound like dr.phil haha

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    just be yourself, people will see all of your good qualities then they will be dying to get to know you

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    funny and helpful

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    its ok dearest

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