How do you find out about jobs available on the Disney Cruise Line? I was thinking about a career change.?

I've had my current job with the JCPenney company for 10+ years and I thinking about make a career change and wonder about the experience of working for the Disney compant at one of their theme parks or on the cruise line.

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    Working for the Walt Disney Company would be an excellent decision. Try working at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. There's thousands of different jobs available and they give excellent benefits. You could work at one of the resorts/hotels, one of the restaurant or stores, or at one of the attractions at the theme parks. Plus, you get free family vacations to the theme parks each year. Walt Disney World is the largest single-site employer in the U.S. and the number one vacation destination in the world. It would be an amazing experience and you'd get to meet hundreds of people from all over the world, not just the U.S. There are Cast Member from almost any country you could think of, and Guests from all over the world are always traveling there.

    Here's a link to the Disney Careers website...

    Hope I could help! Go for it and good luck!

    (I hope to work for the Walt Disney Company someday.)

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    in case you cherished your Disney cruises, i'm confident you would be very disenchanted by using Carnival cruises. A Disney cruise is greater high priced through fact this is bigger-end. You get what you pay for. through fact Carnival cruises are a lot greater fee-effective, additionally they entice a various crowd than Disney cruises. this is like comparing the human beings you come across showing on the ninety 9 cents keep vs. human beings figuring out to purchase at Neiman-Marcus. the human beings on your cruise can easily make or smash the adventure you have.

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    Join the Air Force, learn a meaningful profession free, 30 days paid leave every year. Food, medical, dental completed covered!

    No Rent , electricity or heat bills!

    Meet and work with people from all over the US.

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    I found the website. It's listed below. Good luck on your job hunt, and Happy New Year!

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    You can view openings in every company owned and operated by the Walt Disney Company.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Former Disney Cast Member
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