How to replace rear seal on 89 F250, 460/7.5, C6 Auto, 4x4?

I have the oil pan off already, along with the the manifold pipes. Since I have the oil pan off, I'd like to replace the rear seal. My Haynes manual is vague on the process, and I'm not sure what I'm looking for in the 'installed' configuration. Confused! Any pictures or more detailed instructions?

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    Look up rear crankshaft seal, or rear main bearing seal..either way, laying up under motor head towards tranmission, can you see your flywheel, if so it is bolted to the crankshaft, next is the seal, might be part of oil pan seal, let me know..

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    The rear main seal is in the main bearing cap on the back of the motor. The one closest to the flywheel. Take the rear main cap off. You'll see a slot in the rear of the cap with either a rope looking seal or a neopreme rubber one. Slide it out and you can slide the new one in. This is only half of the rear seal. That's the easy one. Now for the top seal it's a little more tricky. To replace the top piece you have to loosen all the main bearings. "Do not"remove them just loosen. This lets the crankshaft drop down enough to take pressure of the seal. The seal is on the rear next to the flywheel in the block. Sometimes you grab hold of it with needle nose pliers. You can use a welding rod or something similar and push on the seal enough to push it out to where you get needle nose pliers on it. Once removed the fun begins. If you have a rubber seal you can oil it real good on both sides and push it into the slot. Assembly grease work good to. Be patient and make sure it doesn't pop out. Make both ends flush with the block, where the main cap is going to bolt back up. Put your rear main cap back on and follow the torque procedure and retorque all the main bearings. Add 5 pounds to the torque specs when you do this. That way you won't have to go back in and retorque them. You are suppose to retorque after a engine has been run a normal operating temperature.

    If you have a rope seal you'll have to get a special tool to remove and replace. Good Luck and I hope this has helped.

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