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KS asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

Has anyone given their dog Booda brand chew treats?

I gave my dog the Booda brand Original Velvet chew treat not long ago. After about five minutes of chewing on it, he began vomiting foam. He seems to be continuing to spit up a small amount of foam every now and then. Has anyone let their dogs use these treats? Did you have any problems? I would like to know if it is the toy or perhaps he ate something earlier that could be causing this.

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    Well I worked at a pet store and I can tell you those booda velvet chews are crap... they are made from compressed cornstarch, which is not at all good to eat(would you enjoy eating cornstarch?) and in fact we NEVER sold any of the booda chews we had because everyone who tried them said thier dogs just puked it up or didnt want to eat them at all or it gave the dog diarrhea, blockage, choking etc.. I bet it is the booda bone that is making your dog vomit foam it was a common complaint from customers when I worked at Pet Valu.

    The best chews and the ones that no one has ever complained about are the smoked real bones that are safe for dogs, and Wowser stuffed marrow bones stuffed with oatmeal peanut butter etc and they cant be chewed up completely so you can keep refilling them with your own stuffing concoction of your choice. I suggest you try one of these next time for your dog instead of booda velvet because these are way better for your dog and are all natural stuff that a dog actually would like to eat instead of cornstarch.

    Wowser stuffed bones... http://www.peskypup.com/viewProduct.cfm?ProductID=...

    Natural smoked bones... http://www.sitstay.com/store/edibles/bones2.shtml

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    3 years ago

    Booda Brand

  • 4 years ago

    Try enzymatic chews from GlenHaven. They work very well. You may also want to switch to C.E.T. enzymatic toothpaste. It's very good and apparently delicious. Check them out at your vet or online (Amazon, etc.)

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    1 decade ago

    I'd take him to a vet if it keeps up for too long

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