How many of you are enjoying the New Year of the Goddess?

Happy New Goddess Year everyone. The Goddess has granted all your wishes for health, happiness , prosperity, great sex and much more. Now that we are finally here, tell me how you plan on being happy or in short how you worship the Goddess...(me I have her happily inside and laugh and enjoy my life)


Its obvious some need to lighten up and get with the Goddess...wishing you lots of laughs and even better sex than you can at this time imagine! Goddess Bless!

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    The Goddess ...

    Venus… In the Bible – She was referred to as the Queen of Heaven…

    Jeremiah 44:17 (NIV) "We will certainly do everything we said we would: We will burn incense to the Queen of Heaven and will pour out drink offerings to her just as we and our fathers, our kings and our officials did in the towns of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. At that time we had plenty of food and were well off and suffered no harm." …And there are those who claim that it's referring to Venus, Asherah, Ashtoreth, Ishtar, or Isis. They are all the same person. Venus is equivalent to the Egyptian Goddess Isis, the Phoenician Astarte and the Babylonian Ishtar.

    Was Satan really Zeus aka Adam and was Venus really Eve aka Isis?

    Jeremiah 1- Prophecy Part 3… Heads of “Zeus/Nike” abound on buildings in D.C. Isis is in grid layouts and in bas-relief sculptures of Greek and Roman gods and goddesses from one end of town to the other. The ancient story unfolds of Satan’s first child (first-born Cain) and his first Great Eagle Goddess, who was “Eve” (Isis). This Isis “Queen of Egypt” is the worshipped Madonna with Child (Isis and Osiris) for today’s German/Roman Catholics and others.

    Venus was worshipped as the Madonna and Child..

    So as you see from the statement above, Satan’s first child is Cain, which means Satan is Adam who was Zeus. And Eve (Venus) was Isis the Madonna and Child.

    Was Zeus was Satan?

    We can find original text written in Greek, Latin as well as Hebrew. The Greek alphabet was assigned numerical values (The X gives the Z sound of Xylophone) X (=Chi) 600; Xi (shaped like a curled capital E) 60 and S (Sigma) 6. (Although Sigma is no longer used, it was) Thus 600, 60 and 6 spells XES, the Greek spelling for Zeus. In the KJV translation - where the name of the prophet Elisha (meaning 'My God is Saviour') has been retained in the paganised form 'Eliseus' (My god is Zeus). In similar fashion, the Name of the Hebrew Messiah YAHU'SHUAH (meaning 'YAHU is Saviour') has been paganised to read 'JeZeus', ('God is Zeus') which later became 'Jesus' in the English language (pronounced 'Jezus').

    600 (X), 60 (Xi,=E), 6 (S) the number of his name, clearly spells XES the original Greek spelling for ZEUS.

    But to clarify a misnomer about Venus

    There are so many different versions of these stories handed down.

    There is one who says Zeus was married to Dione and had a daughter Aphrodite.

    There is one that says Venus is Aphrodite. Wrong!!!!!

    There is one that says Venus is the daughter of Uranus and Gaia. She is known as the Daughter of Heaven and Sea (Creation)

    So if Venus is Uranus' daughter and Aphrodite is Zeus’ daughter, they cannot be one in the same!!!!

    In addition the planet Venus was named after her. In astrology she rules Libra.

    And I’m sure she would be insulted at being called Aphrodite!

    Yes, Venus was around long before Mary!!!

    And I think it’s about high time she was forgiven for eating that apple!

    If you asked me Satan aka Adam lied and it was he who was the evil one.

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    You accept that there is actually 10,000+ years worth of history? The reason is that an indiscriminate God(ess) would not favour one sex over another. It has been shown in virtually all aspects of society that prejudice and discrimination are not desirable traits. A person who does not discriminate would be more successful and achieve a more respected position than one who does. Nature favours the indiscriminate, basically. No matter what gender (or lack of) the deity has, it is almost obvious that such a perfect being would not discriminate in terms of sex or race, creed or social group, only the good from the bad. So yes, a perfect Goddess may ALLOW men to grab the upper hand, but would not 'make' it that way, nor condone it. She'd do just what a perfect God would do. Sit back, watch, and not be tempted to interfere. ((((hugs)))) ~Loving Light~

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    You obviously have no clue abut the Goddess. She wouldn't wish great sex being illicit sex is a sin and one can suffer so many diseases and other miseries from it. You better be careful how you portray Her.Don;t try to put your perverted idea of reality upon Her. She is so much greater than you can understand with your tiny brain. If you mean Kali You really better be careful. I worship Radha The original Supreme Goddess She gives the gift of eternal pure love of God.

  • Just out of curousity, doesn't the celtic tradition from which these ideas come have a different calendar from rome's gregorian calendar?... It at least seems that one could chose a better time to celebrate her new year, say, the winter solstice?

    All the same, even though her rituals are a bit too obtrusive for me, and wicca isn't really a fit for me, thanks.

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    If your goddess granted all of our wishes for great sex, how come no one's over here giving me a *******?

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    Happy New Year.. and yes im enjoying the New Year..

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    While the Pagan new Year celebration is over(DEC 20-23) . I wish the same for you.

    Source(s): Celtic Pagan/Christian
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    Blessings to you, and a happy and peaceful new year to us all.

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    if i take away your batteries i bet you wont be smiling.

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