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How do you break up to one clingy boyfreind?

my boyfreind is controlling and i think he is cheating on me also he leaves all the time to the club and the casino but every time i try to leave he clings to me like cling wrap or he finds out were im at and he comes to that place and wont leave untill i leave with him

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    Oh come on! If you really want to leave him, him being clingy can't stop you. Recognize the side of you that subconsciously wants to be with him when he's "clinging"... You need to extinguish those feelings and be strong. You know you can break up with him if you really want to...

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    I'd say let him know that if he continues to go out and stuff without you you no longer will be interested in him and will be leaving I guess a warning will be fair although he must know its crap but obviously hasnt learned yet the possible consiquences to his actions and probly never will until someone teaches him by doing it and meaning it, also about the him coming to you thing you might try making that alittle harder to do by purposly(sp) try going somewhere sometime with the most unsuspected person for the sole purpose of making yourself hard to find and see how he likes it giving him a taste of his own medicine and then if theres no posative reaction or change he's not worth it and obviously then doesnt give a **** and then whats there to dicide, good luck Kim

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    Yeah... i don't believe of your relationship is going to bypass actual some distance. you've already were given 2 causes to unload this dude. You suggested he's being clingy, so for sure you have become smothered. finally it truly is going to get to the point you're gonna experience yucky in his presence. so some distance as dishonest... There might want to nvr be a 2d danger after someone cheats.

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    Give him two formal warnings that you're going to do it, and then get a restraining order (they are free) and tell him you have it the next time you see him; ask him to leave. If he doesn't comply, don't say a word - call the police.

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    Hi! I gotta tell are in a very unhealthy relationship..full of doubt,jealousy,possesive need to move happy,healthy,and secure with someone you love! Good Luck..Tom

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    totally ignore him for like a week and then tell him how you feel. If he's still holding on after that, call the po-po.

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    u want to break up and dont even know how tooo...that means ur not ready for it yet....

    LOL what a joke!

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    Id say you get what you fish for.

    If you fish for turds you get one.


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