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What boy names do you hate?

I'm 7 months pregnant and I don't have names yet!! I am not sure if it's a girl or boy (Each doc. says a dif. thing!!). I will keep yall posted!!

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    Thank you! I hate the name Shane and Shawn!!!

    That is all!!!

    Please don't name your child either names....anything else will be BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    Congrats and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

    Hahahahaha Miranda...that's alot of names :0

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    There are so many boy names, I'd have to see them to know if I like them are not. But since you're struggling w/ names, I'll give ya a few suggestions of simple names that I like & maybe you'll like them too...

    Girls - Amanda, Ashley, Ciarra, Hannah, Hailey, Jasmine, Kaylie, Lynn, Natalie, Rachel, Samantha

    Boys - Andrew, Cade, Cole, Derik, Jace, Kyle, Matthew, Nathan, Ryan, Tristen

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    Nothing that can be confused for a dog name. (Rex, Max, George)

    Nothing that has a theme of hobbies (Hunter, Racer, Sundown)

    I agree with the cutsey names---Bailey is a cute name for a blonde headed little girl with curls, but I have a hard time taking someone named Bailey seriously at work as a superior

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    Give your baby to be a name he or she can grow up into. I am tired of seeing little Kaeden, Caden, Austin, Caleb, Kylie, Kaitlin,

    My advice--go with traditional names that will be good names when the baby becomes a grown up. These sort of names nowadays that eveyrone gives their children appear to be cute and cute names are fine when you are five and six..but in a few decades we're going to have a slew of old ladies with cutesy names.

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    bob Chris Paul Howard

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    Todd, Kyle, Kevin, anything too feminine. No pretentious yuppie names like Chase, and definitely nothing after a celebrity or their kids, that will set them up for torture later in life.

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    I hate the names Don, Lou, Doug, Patrick, and Ben. They just make me think of an old guy, not a baby

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    1. Peyton or Payton

    2. Jordan

    3. David

    4. Chuck

    5. Elvis

    Hope these help you some!!

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